True GOD

God, why did you create me then?


Even a laptop has a purpose for which its manufactured. God, why did you create me then? What’s your purpose for me??…

When a child is born, the parents rejoice. When I see a seed germinating, it brings much joy to me. a new leaf, a bud, a flower – just brings such a pure joy. Oh seed, when I had sown you and cared for you and waiting for you to germinate and grow, i never thought you would bring such joy to me. I knew you would be a good addition to my garden, but the pleasure your each phase in growth gives me is much beyond what I expected. I think I am right in saying that its a pleasure for parents to take care of their children and see them grow. When children show their affection, how much the parents rejoice!

I personally realised – God created us for His pleasure. It’s His pleasure to take care of us, when we return the love to Him, He rejoices. Oh God, I didn’t know this earlier. For me you were only one that I can come to with my prayers and I hoped that you would answer my prayers. You love me?? That thought is too wonderful to me. My birth was a pleasure to you? Really? You are interested in my day to day life – really? God, You care for me – really?