True GOD

God, You care for me – really?


But God why would you care for me? I really never bothered about you? I think of you when I wanted something in my life. Why would you care for me then? Why would you love me when I never really bothered about you?

I personally realised God is love and its His characteristic to love. How much ever bad a child is, still His mother would love him. If human love cares for a bad son, how much more pure and high would God’s love be? So God more than being my creator, you also love me? I never thought so. I have only seen love in family or friendship. I don’t love people who don’t bother about me. God, that you love me even when i didn’t bothered about you is too wonderful a love for me to understand. I have to admit that, but as the years pass by I have realised increasingly that God you really are love and your love towards mere human beings is really beyond all description. Its such a high love beyond description.

But God, then how can I know for sure that you really love me, a human?