True GOD

Is there really a God? really??


Is there really a God? really?? I think at some point of time, we all come across this question personally. For some of us the answer is yes, for some no. Its a personal choice which can have some influence by our upbringing as well. Personally I think there should be a creator. Recently i was trying to grow some seeds. I find it requires constant care to get the seeds/sapling growing. Too much of sunshine a day just resulted in some saplings getting wilted and finally died. I have seen some plants dying because of over watering also. basically just sufficient sunlight, just enough water would help the plant grow strong. I think this applies similarly to every life form. 

If there is no God, I cant see much purpose to life. As I mentioned in the previous post just living each day, doing whatever the day requires, days passing by, getting old and then just one day pass away?? Is that all to it? if we are a robot, or a machine, or a laptop that makes some sense. Even machines are made with a purpose. it does its purpose and then wears out after some time and reaches a state where is no longer usable. Even a machine has a purpose and it has a maker. What about people like us? No purpose, no maker?? are we inferior to machines?? NO!! We are created beings, we have a maker, and our creator created us with a purpose. If alone many of us who are troubled by many things in life realised this, how it could change our lives for the better. A day came, I realised it personally. I have a creator who created me with a purpose, whom I used to address as God. But then why did God create mankind? why did God create me? whats my purpose for which I am created???…



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