True GOD

The best thing that ever happened to me!


I would like to start this blog with something which is the best, so jotting down the best thing which ever happened in my life in the following posts.

I was living my life care free. I was brought up in a not too strict religious family. I used to pray to God for my needs. All of us have needs right! Getting good grades in exams, getting a good job and the list just goes on as the time passes by. I was familiar with simple good moral values like don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t cheat etc etc. Once I started earning, I used to help poor people. So in my sight I was a pretty good human being – not harming others, helping out others, praying to God.

I used to wonder what this life is all about. Getting up, cooking and eating food, taking care of your family, job, exercise, relaxation, .. the day is done. Most of us have the same routine which gets interrupted by some holidays or vacations. But the fact remains days are passing by.

Is there anything more to life than this?

I guess even though we have sufficient money, good family, still there remains a question – what’s the purpose for which I am born? I think this would give a direction in life once we have the answer. I was living my life pretty content. I used to think about God as the one to whom I can bring my prayers. But is that whom God is – a mere hearer to our prayers? 

Is there really a God? really??



Feel free to let me know your thoughts or questions...

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